20 September 2003

Haiku a Alex Millones

la roja flor meciendose en el viento
la abeja que se aleja
presintiendo el otonho!

Chinese meal

I'm in the restaurant and ask for the bill
for my fried rice and spare ribs
then pay with visa -- and add a tip
and make the most of their good will

I then go, slowly, back to the mill
already yearning for my meal of tomorrow
Eating chinese will be a rest from my sorrow:
my burden burns under the grill...

The little old office squabbles
The bitter fighting for resources
The projects bursting like soap bubbles

All is forgotten for one long hour
while I eat rice with various sauces
and spare ribs, all sweet and sour

While waiting for the dentist to emerge from her cubicle, triumphant
after another successdul encounter with someone else's teeth
I sit in the waiting room and grab a 1997 reader's digest
and try not to remember the low pitch sound of drilling
the taste of bone turned dust and watered down with mouthwash
which I'll later spit, before sitting back down and opening my mouth for yet another round

Say no more

Say no more: that is best
time will take care of the rest

Say no more: that is fair
dreams will vanish in thin air

Say no more: grin your teeth
The sword has come out of its sheath

A cloud over the sands

How many times I've been to the spring for water
Often I took along the next available vessel
Seldom did I take notice: all that mattered
was to deal with my thirst and find comfort
to combat the summer heat and the lack of rain
inherent to the desert.

A word from you has changed all that
A thick black cloud over the sands
menacing in other contexts, here you are
all promise
the moisture of your lips, the thunder
of your laughter, the starred night sky
of your eyes, the moonlit dunes of your rediscovered body.

Monte de nieve

monte de nieve
inciertos pasos
la avalancha