21 March 2015

Delegation skills

I can read you like an open book
All I ever have to do is ask
If in your little list there is a task
You’ll delegate to me: one look
And I can tell you will want me to cook
The grouse you’ve shot and hung onto a hook
The gutted herring you’ve tossed into a cask

11 March 2015

Pan de centeno

Pan de centeno te doy, Pan de centeno
con lonjas de queso de cabra
y largos tragos de agua
ya va el estomago lleno.

Ya va el estomago lleno
y como lluvia en diciembre
permite que el campo se siembre
salen de mi las palabras
nacidas de hambre y de suen~o.

Day in the office, another

The day started well enough -
the Sun shone from the East
But then you had to unleash the Beast
While trolls and imps hid in the mist
and as the day and our works unravelled
I swear I heard them laugh:
They sent me down a creek, but kept the paddle

01 March 2015

I have a name, it's on my badge
To you it may not amount to much
But it's my name, now duly engraved
In crisp black letters on acrylic
In Roman type, not in Cyrillic
So that you all can understand:
No more your head you'll have to scratch
When our paths cross in the office loo.
No more will I have to be "you" -
I will be me: I have a name
And now I also have a badge.