18 August 2008

Morality tale

An invisible stain now adorns my white ceiling
The ceiling I painted white, for I gave it three coats
It was a fiddly job, what with wallpaper patterns
You must use a small brush and up and down a walkway
made up of two planks resting on two stools
work your way, up and down on thick planks
with your brush in your hand, it is neckbreaking work,
inch by inch covering the ceiling paper in white satin.

Then one day a little accident at the dinner table
red wine spilled all over, in all directions scattered
a lone drop even reaches your ceiling, you spounge it off with water
a lone drop of red wine, you rub it off and then you think it's gone
a lone drop of red wine, you never again mention it to anyone

but you know it is there, when your eyeballs meander
to the patterned wall paper which since covers your ceiling
but you know it is there, where you wiped it with water.

Now your wife, on she talks about the holiday arrangements
Now your child asks again if he can have some more gravy
Now you awake from your dream at the family table.