12 December 2006

Office romance

(Try reading with a "Billy Connolly" accent)

What have I got to do
to get closer to you?
I've tried making you a brew
and loitering outside the loo...

29 November 2006


Cielo azul, nubes blancas, verde ladera
Todo lo veo desde este cuerpo, desde estos ojos
Con esta espalda que se recuesta
sobre una banca de ocre madera

10 October 2006

Et lux in tenebris lucet

Y la luz ilumino las tinieblas
La luz del amor, desnuda como una lampara
Colgada del techo en el cuarto donde hacen los interrogatorios
En peliculas de espias o detectives en las que actua Humphrey Bogart

Y la luz ilumino las tinieblas
La luz del amor, como el tren que penetra el tunel
Silbando a cien por hora, creando un vacio a su paso
Una presion que hiere los oidos. La urgencia del viajero solitario.

Y la luz ilumino las tinieblas
La luz del amor, como velita en pastel de cumpleanos
Cuando cumpliste seis y el mundo era cosa de tres kilometros
La distancia del amigo mas lejano – y habia que ir en auto a recogerte

06 October 2006

Autumn days

In autumn days the sky forever grey
The garden fence, brown or almost red with new panels-
A summer's endeavour, like the few remaining berries
Hanging from our neighbour's bushes
Uncollected, uneaten, gathering dropplets of persistent drizzle
Waiting to whither fully and be washed out
With the first strong rains of October
Praying perhaps to be gone for good before the short dark days
Should find them, left behind and forgotten

28 July 2006


The luscious foliage
Flocks of birds
Dreams of the trees in winter

21 July 2006

Arte poetica

Musa que gimes desesperada
con el furor de la tierra arada
en la que siembro ya mi semilla -
agricultura de maravilla

Musa que gimes con alegria
sobre el trigal al final del dia
en ti celebro feliz jornada -
agricultura sobre mi amada

16 June 2006

Be kind

Be kind to every creature
and hurt no living thing:
Pick up the lovely beetle
and chuck it in the bin!

17 March 2006

At the end of the day

At the end of the day
Somewhere along the way
We had to push the envelope
Pull out the hymn sheet
And sing out of the box
All together now, once more
Dear friends once more
We few, we lucky, phew!
Who drank the mountain dew
Under a sky so blue
All the trees made invisible
In the proverbial forest

We are all on a journey
At the end of the day
Sailing around the bay
Hoping to think or swim
And to do so on a whim
To feast on bread and butter
After the horse has bolted
And I again have been sorted

You have neither heart nor mind
I'm not one-eyed, you are not blind
You are not cruel and I am not kind
Your words speak to me but not of love
They do reveal to me your treasure trove
Your voice is always coming from above

10 February 2006

Haiku - winter morning

Old hotel roof
Dawn rushes in
Crest of a wave of fire