26 April 2017

Back to the front


I carry a Mills grenade in my right hand

Life pulled the pin from it a while ago

Without my wavering grip, it will explode

My flesh and blood to scatter where I stand


12 April 2017


Just like a lemon, hard pressed at full squeeze
My heart gives up its juice at every beat:
Under the bitter weight of love dismissed,
Of life’s dismantled dreams and dark defeat.

23 March 2017


Winter-forgotten garden
Rain-sodden shed
Crying its dark-cloud tears

14 March 2017

The arrival of Spring

At once the sun had hid behind dark clouds
And a Northerly wind picked up and brought
With it much needed rain, but also cold –

The coming Spring concealed beyond its shrouds

07 February 2017

Divertimento Working from Home

I am at home, I want to play!
So many things I want to say:
Though I may deal in silly rhymes
I am not master of my time -
I must strive and get along
(can’t stop to sing my little song).
When night time comes I’ll want to cry:
I saw my Muse ... and passed her by!