20 April 2011

Hunter Gatherer

011 by cocosolis
011, a photo by cocosolis on Flickr.
I am quite happy and content
To eat what I want to eat
But my joy is not complete
When you are not in my tent

So, listen to this lament
I pen while I grill my meat:
My heart struggles to beat
Too far away from your scent

01 April 2011

Blossom shower

Blossom shower by BinaryApe
Blossom shower, a photo by BinaryApe on Flickr.
Is there a sight in Spring more awesome
Than a tall tree covered in blossom?

Is there a sweeter sound in Spring
Than that of birds that cheerily sing?

But then the thick fat drops of rain
Tap loud against my weary brain

And blackened clouds cover the sky -
To another job I must apply...