09 December 2011

Journey 3

The sight of home cheers me up
After the heartache of this week:
Another field I must now seek
To till, and plough, and harvest up

Journey 2

Closing a chapter / is opening another
Raising a question for our earlier answer
How I got here? Why I did or didn't bother?
What's the way back? Is it all over?

The soothing sight of Manchester does calm
my troubled heart's a-rythmic beat:
Who would have thought I'd find my balm
in its well-known, rain-sodden streets?

Journey 1

I've got a scar to heal
Skin to harden
Seeds of Spring to put into my garden
and a need to conceal
The ravages of winter on the landscape

09 August 2011

First they torched a police van
and I didn't speak out because, well, they had it coming, didn't they

Then they burnt the posh fashion store
and I didn't speak out because I never liked their prices anyway

Then they looted the local cornershop
and I didn't speak out - I do my shopping out of town, late evenings and weekends

Now they are burning my car - I'm sure you know the rest

16 July 2011


l 020 by cocosolis
l 020, a photo by cocosolis on Flickr.
I found a bit of belief
and then a noble pursuit
for which I needed no suit
- and that was quite a relief

13 July 2011


001 by cocosolis
001, a photo by cocosolis on Flickr.
The power cables overhead
Under the blue sky and broken clouds of mid July
And people on the platform
Going to work - like me
Old men in suits, young things with fold-up bikes
From a place called "Long Buckby" - you couldn't make it up
The tiny-print timetable displayed on the far wall
Too far now, too small for my struggling eyes
'Stumbling in' - Suzie Quattro whispers in my ear
Too right - stumbling in, rolling along
going with the flow, hitting the ground running
For somebody's tomorrow
We gave our today.

Longing & belonging

005 (2) by cocosolis
005 (2), a photo by cocosolis on Flickr.
A dull ache, a niggling, lingering pain
The memory of you causes me to pause
To you my heart now goes
From a commuter train

28 June 2011


115 by cocosolis

115, a photo by cocosolis on Flickr.

In beauty bathed, and in Dove white silk bubbles
Her thoughts meander to a distant paradise
Of golden sands and blue sea water
For her and for her little daughter
As described in Ok! magazine
But all these dreams remain on hold
While the train takes her to her next appointment
To sell cosmetics to well known retailers
And pay for the latest Mastercard bill


035 by cocosolis
035, a photo by cocosolis on Flickr.
They live in me like a cup of coffee
These particles of reason
Reading me the Articles of War
The King's Terms
The Riot Act
They don't know where I'm going
But know well where I've been
In my ear
The Whys, the Why-nots
And the what-would-have-beens


southport airshow 053 by cocosolis
southport airshow 053, a photo by cocosolis on Flickr.
La nave se estremece
La linea de la costa

07 June 2011

Vals de amor

Photo0545 by cocosolis
Photo0545, a photo by cocosolis on Flickr.
Estoy loquito por ti
Por tu amor voy loco loco
Por ti mi razón perdí
Por ti mi cerebro es moco
Mas no es tan sólo de pan
Que el hombre vive: también
Se encuentra en el amor bien
Y razón en el afán

09 May 2011

Divertimento & prayer

Red Sunset by hyperboreal
Red Sunset, a photo by hyperboreal on Flickr.
Que no me olvide de ti
Y, al contemplar tu sen~al,
Aulle como animal
Bajo el cielo carmesi!

05 May 2011

Amour Parisien

paris 007 by cocosolis
paris 007, a photo by cocosolis on Flickr.
Como me gusta
Que seas robusta

Tus largas pestanas
Como negras persianas

Ocultan tu alma
Me roban la calma

Me llevan al cielo
Me tiran al suelo

The Letter

027 by cocosolis
027, a photo by cocosolis on Flickr.
How angry I felt
When I received the letter
Rejected by machine
Does not feel better

Divertimento Primaveral

monica fairy 13 apr 11 001 by cocosolis
monica fairy 13 apr 11 001, a photo by cocosolis on Flickr.
Naci con la primavera
Una manana de mayo
Mi madre sufrio un desmayo
Cuando me vio salir fuera

Divertimento floral

008 by cocosolis
008, a photo by cocosolis on Flickr.
Angelica, tus amores
Son menuda pesadilla
Son un sembrar en buhardillas
Pensando cosechar flores

03 May 2011

Ebbs out life's little day

l 005 by cocosolis
l 005, a photo by cocosolis on Flickr.
You are a remnant of a distant past
The shining sign of a forgotten time
The light you give is all the more sublime
Since we both know it isn't meant to last

20 April 2011

Hunter Gatherer

011 by cocosolis
011, a photo by cocosolis on Flickr.
I am quite happy and content
To eat what I want to eat
But my joy is not complete
When you are not in my tent

So, listen to this lament
I pen while I grill my meat:
My heart struggles to beat
Too far away from your scent

01 April 2011

Blossom shower

Blossom shower by BinaryApe
Blossom shower, a photo by BinaryApe on Flickr.
Is there a sight in Spring more awesome
Than a tall tree covered in blossom?

Is there a sweeter sound in Spring
Than that of birds that cheerily sing?

But then the thick fat drops of rain
Tap loud against my weary brain

And blackened clouds cover the sky -
To another job I must apply...

31 March 2011

The Holy Island

076 by cocosolis
076, a photo by cocosolis on Flickr.
How the wind blows, the clouds
How they all sail away, the world
How it carries on spinning, the oceans
How they return my driftwood to the shore.

30 March 2011

El regreso de la Montaña

paris 088 by cocosolis
paris 088, a photo by cocosolis on Flickr.
Oh Montaña Espaciana
Hacia el cielo me llevas
Y me das en tus pruebas
Las verdades Cristianas

15 February 2011


Originally uploaded by cocosolis
The municipal park
A dusting of snow
is winter's parting shot

26 January 2011

Big Society

Originally uploaded by cocosolis
Ya no espero, con angustia, tu rechazo
Ya no temo como un niño tu condena:
Ahora soy un eslabon de esa cadena
que te mantiene erguido, huevonazo!

13 January 2011


Originally uploaded by cocosolis
Give me the gift of alcohol
and thus obscure my senses
That gift's worth more than the hollow gong
of a thousand present tenses.

11 January 2011

Lullabye Da Da

Originally uploaded by cocosolis
My darling went over the ocean
My darling went over the sea
My darling caused such a commotion
When she fell down from the tree

08 January 2011

New year

Picture 035
Originally uploaded by cocosolis

The tram that gently sways from side to side
The street, still and quiet in the snow
In this stranger's heart a city grows
and so I dream of Manchester with pride.