24 August 2005

A road is built

A road is built
by cleverly conceiving certain journeys
the rest is just measuring obstacles
flatenning the weaker ones and
working above, around or underneath the rest

but roads are neither trips nor destinations
and if you feel a new road will bring us closer together
you'd be partly mistaken

A road is built
by craftily harnessing hope and distance
and weaving them together on the landscape

The rest is up to us.

12 August 2005

Disparate romantico

Come share with me the open road
and be my love, while love will last
and under heavens overcast
pedal our bicycles abroad

Come sail with me in the same boat
and, tied together to the mast,
head for the storm and leave the past
in some remote part of the coast

Come for a walk up the green hill
the rainiest weekend of October
to enjoy with me fog, hail or thunder

The two of us won't sit still
if you will let me be your lover
till death -or fate- put us asunder

04 August 2005

Blank page

The four restrictive corners of the page:
A field to be ploughed
A sea to cast your net in
A desert to journey across
And to get lost, discover or explore,
Colonise, inhabit, cultivate,
Runsack, loot, take by storm
A clean bed, empty but waiting
for weary sleepers or contorted lovers
The ultimate frontier, the last space