18 June 2005

My lady sleeps - draft 1, utterly OTT

My lady sleeps with dreams of summer crops
beneath the old apple tree, now barren.
I listen to her breathing, her heartbeat I imagine
like the sound old trains made on victorian railroads

My lady shines with crown of purest gold
and to the light reflected by her pearls
She adds the magic beam of her blue stars
and the breathtaking silver of her soul

My lady in her sleep is without tears
Her dreams sustain her through the valley of sorrow
I listen to her breathing dissipating her fears

and I guard her sleep - none was ever most dear
for I know this to be but a moment I've borrowed
and the end of these dreams can be nothing but near.

Divertimentos de botadura

Resbala el blanco velero
resbala hacia el verde mar.
El viento lo ha de llevar
muy lejos del astillero.

Oh blanco ejemplo de esmero
hecho para navegar:
no lo habra de doblegar
el tifon mas duro y fiero.

The white sailing boat slides
slides towards the green sea.
The wind is to take it away
far away from the shipyard.

O white example of care
made to sail the high seas:
It shall not be deterred
by harsh or fierce typhoon.

16 June 2005

Naturaleza muerta

A bird lies dead outside my patio doors
there is no sign of struggle: did he suffer?
An old woman - my neighbour - tends to her budding flowers
with a watering can and a small garden trowel

It is the height of May; I'm having breakfast
The children are awake and watching television
The sun shines from the East. A tabby cat
reaches the top of the fence and with mighty hind legs
propels itself into my garden quietly
and takes away the bird's carcass. I can hear no sound
but that of the television as my children await their breakfast
way, way high in the food chain

The lock keeper

The unkempt and grim abode of the lock keeper
The colourful but dreary canal boats
The men in grey & shabby overcoats
The rush of water in the lock, making it deeper

and fifty years on, the tourist tea shop
families of fours out during Fathers' day
carrying a pot of tea and cream scones in a tray
the canal not a way, just a suitable stop

Castillos en la arena

Mis castillos en la arena
mi corazon en el aire:
abreme los ojos, madre!
que me muero de la pena

Latiendo en mi pecho sueña
y este sueño entra en mi sangre:
Deja que en sueños te guarde!
Que de mi sangre eres dueña

My castles made in the sand
and my heart up in the air:
Open now my eyes, mother!
for I am dying of grief

Beating in my chest it dreams
and its dream enters my blood:
Let me in dreams guard over you!
for you of my blood are the owner

2 Divertimentos climaticos

Ay, ciegame, luz del cielo
porque al ver tanta belleza
la mas oscura tristeza
cubre mi alma con su velo

Corazon, levanta el vuelo
y con valor y fiereza
asalta la fortaleza
de mis penas y desvelos

13 June 2005

Vista desde el Bridgewater Hall

Fuente de agua de dia,
de noche espejo de mi alma!
Regalame de tu calma
igual que de tu alegria.

Fountain of water by day,
By night, mirror of my soul!
Give me the gift of your calm
just as that one of your joy.

09 June 2005

Romanzoneto de la torre invencible

Nunca he de rendir la torre
de mi asediado castillo:
he puesto en cada ladrillo
Ideales y fervores

Ergo, Angelica, no llores
cuando el odiado enemigo
haya acabado conmigo
y tomado mis colores

Cuanto eso ocurra, se buena
y ven a visitar mi tumba
entre la mar y la arena!

Oh diosa amada y terrena
sobre mis hijos alumbra
y sobre mis huesos truena!

Divertimento enthomologic

With genuine sense of adventure
and a little bit of sorrow
I wait for the coming morrow
to receive my new dentures

08 June 2005

The descent

With simple words I try to build a picture to remember
The river of your laughter under a sky of fire
And two gleaming stars, as deep darkness veils
My sense to all that is real and my journey
Into your unfathomable abyss hereby commences

07 June 2005

Dusk in June

Light of the sun
Light of the sun upon our faces
Fly away, fast and skimming the waters
Shine over my love's garden flowers
And blessed be the morning

Silvery moon
Silvery moon behind a cloud so lonely
You bid your time, proud and with severe face
Watch over my love's garden flowers
And blessed be the evening


The old olive tree
Snap! Branch hits the ground
dead with the weight of years.

Divertimento de estio

Tome una flor: el sol quemaba
en un domingo de febrero.
Puse la flor en tu sombrero
mientras alegre te besaba.