24 September 2009

The garden

The things I care about are not that hard

to find: they roam around

the garden on sunny days, scattering

my thoughts - these thoughts themselves, you understand

can be seen scattered on the pages

filled with my words. I care about

the words and thoughts and those who scatter them

among the grass and flower beds, that is

around the entire garden.

10 September 2009

Llanganuco 1988

The narrow road, the oppresive valley
The stream that cuts its course through it
Wedged between boulders
in almost constant shade
Dwarfed by snow-covered peaks that touch the sky
All light from Sun or Moon reflected in them

And then, like a gem of absolute beauty
An emerald lake of icy and quiet
Waters that kiss the shores adorned
By no more than a few twisted trees
Dust from the road and boulders
Close to the waters' edge

04 September 2009


Here comes the storm with soothing thunder
The drops of rain awake my senses
Alas, they also obscure my lenses