17 March 2006

At the end of the day

At the end of the day
Somewhere along the way
We had to push the envelope
Pull out the hymn sheet
And sing out of the box
All together now, once more
Dear friends once more
We few, we lucky, phew!
Who drank the mountain dew
Under a sky so blue
All the trees made invisible
In the proverbial forest

We are all on a journey
At the end of the day
Sailing around the bay
Hoping to think or swim
And to do so on a whim
To feast on bread and butter
After the horse has bolted
And I again have been sorted

You have neither heart nor mind
I'm not one-eyed, you are not blind
You are not cruel and I am not kind
Your words speak to me but not of love
They do reveal to me your treasure trove
Your voice is always coming from above